Trinidad Colorado

Measures Enacted by City Council

At the onset of what has turned out to be a pandemic, the City of Trinidad initiated safety precautions for both employees and citizens.  We have continued to increase these safety measures as the virus has continued to spread throughout the United States and Colorado and, in conjunction with the Governor’s office and the State and Local Health Departments, have made every attempt we can to do our part in stopping the virus.

Phase I:

  • Cancelled public meetings unless conducted virtually
  • Closed the Welcome Center, Library and Community Center to the public. Employees remained working.
  • Postponed Municipal Court
  • Encouraged citizens to do as much business as possible on-line or over the phone to minimize traffic in City Hall and other City facilities.
  • Immediately began measures to cut costs where possible.

Phase II:

  • Closed all City facilities to public – employees remained working.
  • Required all City business to be conducted via phone or email. 
  • Required all payments to be made on-line, by phone or in drop box. Credit card fees were waived.
  • Utility disconnects were stopped to eliminate the need for employees to enter citizens’ homes and to give the public time to get their lives in order while trying to navigate through this pandemic.

Phase III:

  • City facilities remain closed and 50% of workforce switched to either on-call or working from home.  Additionally we are attempting to split crews to minimize the potential for an entire crew to get ill.
  • Late fees for utility bills were waived.
  • City public restrooms closed for employee safety.  Porta-potties will be placed at Cimino and Central Park along with hand-washing stations.
  • ED Coordinator working to survey impact to local businesses in hopes to find sources of assistance.
  • Police Department is making contact when they observe people gathering and not observing social distancing guidelines.