Trinidad Colorado

Utility Locate Information

With warmer temperatures coming, you may be wanting to start outside projects.  Before any digging project, always call Colorado 811 by dialing “811” or 1-800-922-1987 at least three business days prior to your work, no matter if you’re a contractor, landscaper or do it yourselfer.” Remember, it’s the law!  The call is free and an easy way to protect yourself before digging. 

The Colorado 811 center is the communication link between the utility owners and excavators/homeowners.  Their mission along with facility owners is to promote public safety and the protection of underground infrastructure.


The following colors represent the various utility lines:  red, orange, blue, green, yellow, purple, pink, and white.

     Red = Electric

     Orange = Communication, Catv

     Blue = Potable Water

     Green = Sewer

     Yellow = Gas, Oil, Steam

     Purple = Irrigation, Reclaimed Water, Slurry Lines

     Pink = Temporary Survey Markings

     White = Proposed Excavation/Dig Area

The City of Trinidad highly encourages you to always pre-mark your dig area in white paint.  This provides the locator a more accurate picture of where the work will be taking place plus it saves the locator time as well.    

It is important to watch for pipeline signs or line-markers.  These markers identify the general area where underground pipelines run and the signs generally indicate a general location of a pipeline, but they are not precise.  In addition, the markers do not indicate the depth of line burial, so always call before you dig.

For more information, please contact Linda Vigil at the City of Trinidad (719)846-9843, ext. 124 or visit