Trinidad Colorado

Business License Application

 INSTRUCTIONS TO APPLICANT:  Fees are determined by application date

Application Fee is $10.00

License Fee is $50.00 January through March

                        $37.50 April through June

                        $25.00 July through September

                        $12.50 October through December

Payment can be made by cash, check/money order payable to the City of Trinidad or by credit/debit card(2.5% fee applies).

Payments can be made in person or mailed to 135 N Animas St, Trinidad, CO 81082 

License renewal notices will be mailed out on or before the first week of February of the following year. Whenever any application and license fee therefore is not received on or before the expiration date of any license issued for the current one year period, and the licensee continues to engage in the business or activity for which the license was issued, a penalty of ten percent (10%) of the amount of the license fee is imposed and collected and an additional penalty of five percent (5%) of the original fee is imposed as of the last day of each calendar month after the expiration date.