Trinidad Colorado

Certificate For Owner Generated Permits

Note: By signing this certification "I agree" to the following statements:

1) To perform all construction work as an "owner-occupant" to the above mentioned address under the permit number issued. 

2) If I should employ any person to assist me in the work, that I may be required under Colorado State Law, to obtain Worker's Compensation and Employer's Insurance to protect such employees, and that I may be exposing myself to severe liability and/or penalties if I do not comply with said law.

3) If I retain a company to perform some of the work, I will insure that the company possesses a valid contractor's license issued by the City of Trinidad Building Department. If I hire an individual to perform any of the work, I will insure that such person possess the applicable craftsman license.

4) I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand the foregoing document, and agree to comply with its content.