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The City strives to address noxious weeds and tree issues on
city-owned property and in city rights-of-way, as well as beautify the downtown with annual and perennial flowers in baskets, planters, gateway areas, and city parks. City efforts also include educating citizens about our community's vegetation, whether hazardous or beneficial. Please click a topic below to gather more information.

Noxious Weeds

  • The City's Municipal Code addresses hazardous growth—which includes noxious weeds—and property owner responsibilities regarding weed control. See Chapter 19 of the Municipal Code.
  • The Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) determines which weeds are considered noxious and how to eradicate them. Visit the Colorado Department of Agriculture site to view the different weed species.
  • Property owners, including the City, must follow the Colorado Noxious Weed Act
  • The CDA provides fact sheets on each species, such as Myrtle Spurge, which is now found in Trinidad.


  • The City, on city-owned property, and property owners, whether commercial or residential, are responsible for tree care. Please see the Municipal Code Chapter 19 for more information.
  • The City's Urban Forestry Board (UFB) provides city staff with advice on how to address vegetation-related issues and pursues endeavors to help Trinidad have healthy trees. The UFB meets monthly and welcomes citizens at meetings, new board members and volunteers.
  • A watchlist species of the Colorado Department of Agriculture's Noxious Weed List is the Siberian Elm, commonly known as Chinese Elm, and is prevalent in Trinidad.
  • The City of Trinidad is also a TREE CITY USA, a program of the Arbor Day Foundation.
  • Other valuable resources for information on trees are the Colorado State Forest Service and CSU Extension. On each website click on Publications, then scroll down for a topic to select, after which you will find many more resources!

Siberian Elm Tree
           "Siberian Elm Removal with Mile High Youth Corps 2022"

Myrtle spurge
                                                     Myrtle spurge in Trinidad 2021


Contact Us
  • Karen Wolf, Landscape & Project Coordinator
  • Office: 719-846-9843 ext. 138


flower basket

  • Since the summer of 2018, the City has supported a program that includes funding for staff and materials to plant and maintain annual and perennial flowers (and grasses and shrubs and so forth) in Downtown Trinidad.
Flowers around Trinidad