City Charter


The Trinidad, Colorado Home Rule Charter Commission was elected on the 13 th day of April, 1993, according to the provisions of Article XX of the Constitution of the State of Colorado.  The elected members of the Commission have been charged with the responsibility of drafting this Charter to prescribe the form and substance of Home Rule Government to the City of Trinidad, Colorado.

This Charter reserves to the people of Trinidad the absolute right and power of self-government under the Home Rule Provisions of the Constitution of the State of Colorado.

This Charter ensures the orderly and economical management of the government of Trinidad, guided and controlled by the people of Trinidad, through their elected representatives.

To ensure the greatest possible control of governmental process “by the people” provision is made in the Charter for direct democratic processes of initiative, referendum, and recall.  These provisions provide the means whereby the people can, if they wish, directly control the legislative process and/or recall any elected official who proves to be unsatisfactory.

The Charter retains a Council-Manager form of Government for the City with an elected Mayor and appointed City Manager.

Under this Charter the Council will be responsible to the people, will have all legislative powers, will enact ordinances, resolutions, and motions for the good government of the City.  All ordinances now in effect will remain in effect unless superseded by the provisions of this Charter, or hereafter amended, or repealed by the Council.  Ordinances shall be codified and updated as hereinafter provided.