Trinidad Colorado

Historic Preservation Commission

Current Members: Rick Johnson, Robert Just, Jean DiLisio, Vice Chairperson- Erin Ogletree, Chairperson-Wayne Pritchard

The Historic Preservation Commission meets each 1 st Thursday of the month at 3:00 pm.  The meetings are held in Council Chambers at City Hall, and the public is invited to attend.

The Trinidad Historic Preservation Commission was established by the Trinidad City Council on June 2 nd , 2015 and became effective on June 12 th , 2015 by Ordinance No. 1975.

Through this Ordinance “the City desired to designate, preserve, protect, enhance and perpetuate those buildings, sites, structures, objects and districts which reflect outstanding elements of the City’s cultural, artistic, social, ethnic, economic, political, architectural, historic, technological, institutional or other heritage.”

Presentations by the Historic Preservation Commission: Donovan Rypkema - Historic Preservation as Economic Development Tool - April 5, 2018

Power Point Presentation

Donovan Rypkema- Positive Impacts of HIstoric Preservation - April 5, 2018 Presentation

Power Point Presentation