Local Landmark Designation Pre-Application

­­­In order to provide applicants with the best customer service, the City of Trinidad Development Services Department has implemented a Pre-Application Review Process. Pre-application conferences serve as a crucial first step in the review of applications for historic designation and are intended to assist applicants in gaining a more thorough understanding of the City’s designation process and to identify potential issues related to a proposed designation request.

Below are the steps intended to provide an applicant of the Pre-Application Review Process:

Step 1: Pre-Application Submittal

Collect all preliminary submittal documents and submit via email to the Development Services Office. Electronic submittals are required. Click here to complete the form and submit.

Step 2: Staff Review

Pre-Application documents will be reviewed by Staff within five (5) business days and if determined to be complete, Staff will contact applicant to schedule a meeting.

Step 3: Pre-Application Meeting

The Pre-Application Meeting will typically be held within ten (10) working days of acceptance of the Pre-Application submittal. Participants in the meeting will include City Staff, applicants, and may also include outside agencies or service providers as necessary. In the case of historic district nominations, the preparer of the form should attend the pre-application meeting on behalf of the proposed district. The goal of this meeting is for participants to gain a full understanding of the formal application review process, submittal requirements and estimated review timelines. This step may include a site visit by City Staff and/or outside agencies or service providers.

Step 4: Pre- Application Response

Approximately five (5) business days after the Pre-Application Meeting, Staff will provide a Formal Pre-Application Summary that includes an overview of the nomination process, identifies key issues, and a summary of the fees and submittal requirements. Written comments and suggestions from City Staff shall be considered advisory only and shall not be construed as an official directive or as City policy, nor shall the comments of the City Staff constitute an official approval or disapproval of the applicant’s request.

Pre-application meetings to do not have an associated fee and will be held in the Development Services office located in Trinidad City Hall, 135 N. Animas Street. The Pre-Application Process does not require notification to the community. However, members of the community are able to review any information related to the Pre-Application that is considered to be of public record. Community members are not allowed to attend the Pre-Application Meeting. If the applicant chooses to move forward with a formal application, the required public notices will occur in accordance with City regulations.