Request a Police Report or Video Footage


We are happy to help you with your request for a report pursuant to the Colorado Open Records Act and the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act. If a request is denied, a written explanation will be provided.

Be aware that personally identifiable information will be redacted from any records released. Personally identifiable information is defined in C.R.S. 24-72-302(2) and C.R.S. 24-72-204(VII) as the name, place and date of birth, last known address, social security number, occupation and address of employment, physical description, photograph, handwritten signature, sex, fingerprints, and any known aliases of any person, electronic mail addresses provided by a person to an agency, institution, or political subdivision of the State for the purpose of future electronic communications to the person from the agency, institution, or political subdivision.


Video footage is maintained and kept by the Trinidad Police Department pursuant to the agency’s official duties and functions as authorized by state law. Therefore, video footage is considered a criminal justice record and the release is governed by the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act, or CCJRA. C.R.S. § 24-72-301, et al.

Video footage does not constitute an “official action” under the CCJRA; thus, the release of video footage is consigned to the sound discretion of the custodian of records for the Trinidad Police Department.

Under the CCJRA, a custodian of records must balance the interests of disclosure to the public against the risk of harm to the privacy interests of individuals contained in the records and the risk that disclosure will hamper the agency’s efforts in effectively serving the public. Balancing the public and private interest in disclosure of video footage is particularly difficult as it is impossible to redact information out of the footage, as would be customary with written records.

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