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on Statement
Our mission is to provide for the Protection of Life, Property, and the Environment for the benefit of all Citizens and Visitors of Trinidad.

Vision Statement
We commit to excellence and professional accountability through effective training, technology, and by adapting to the changing needs of our community. This motivates us daily to achieve our mission.


Core Values

Integrity - We will demonstrate honesty and ethical behavior in all our actions and interactions with our Community.

Reliability - We will serve in a manner that confirms to our Community they can trust us to perform our jobs consistently to our best ability.

Leadership - As a team, we will lead with authenticity and open communication as we move forward to protect the Community that we serve.

Collaboration - We will work together as a team to build a department that is responsive to all Citizens’ needs as our Community grows and changes.

Innovation - We will constantly strive to learn about new methods, ideas and products that will provide consistent safe practices throughout our community.


Established in 1891, the department has 16 career firefighters operating out of two stations. The Trinidad Fire Department is committed to preventing and minimizing the loss of life and property with the delivery of professional, high quality, efficient emergency fire, rescue, emergency medical service, fire prevention, public education and hazardous material response.