Incentive Programs

Introduction: The City of Trinidad is committed to promoting economic growth, revitalization, and general community improvement using municipal planning tools, such as economic incentives and programs. To create a guiding framework for decisions regarding the use of public resources to stimulate economic activity, the City of Trinidad has established this policy to orient the consideration and use of economic incentives in a manner that is consistent with the City’s investment and provides an ongoing improvement of the quality of life for area residents and visitors.  

Current Business Incentive Programs

businessman stacking dice with dollar signs on themAny project requesting incentives in Trinidad will be given consideration under the provisions of this policy. Projects are evaluated regarding their economic efficiency, and an acceptable level of return on investment to the citizens of the City of Trinidad. Returns on investment may include quality of jobs, ad valorem tax value, sales tax, or any other significant public benefit. Every incentive agreement that the City of Trinidad enters is considered an investment for the public benefit. Each incentive application is considered regarding its merit to the community at large, and its potential to create a multiplying economic effect for the citizens of Trinidad. Performance measures will be established based on the Project Profile provided to the Office of Economic Development. Should an applicant be unsure of projected performance indicators, conservative estimates with contingency options are encouraged to prevent default.
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Current Housing Incentive Programs 

woman holding keys to new homeThe City Council of the City of Trinidad will begin accepting “Housing Now” workforce housing project incentive applications from property owners and potential developers of qualified workforce housing project beginning Monday July 18, 2022.  Economic Incentive Funds are limited, and funding awards will be awarded based on the date completed applications are received and qualified project approval.  
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