Trinidad Colorado

Sign Permit Application

Required Documentation

Two (2) sets of the following: Plot plan showing property lines, existing structures, proposed sign and the location of all existing signs, including sizes. Plans and specifications must be drawn to scale in sufficient detail to confirm compliance with the City of Trinidad Code of Ordinances. Engineer’s “wet” stamp required on foundations.

Checklist of Required Submittals:

  • Color Graphic of Building with Proposed and Existing Sign(s) Placement
  • Color Graphic of Proposed Sign
  • Detailed Drawing Indicating Sign(s):
    • Dimensions - Length, Width, Depth, Projection from building
    • Location - On Building, or Lot, If applicable
    • Engineering - Include Mounting Method, Windload, Illumination Method and Wattage
  • Plot Plan
  • Written Description of Proposed Sign Including:
    • Materials
    • Location of Placement
    • Dimensions
    • Mounting Method
  • Illumination Method and Wattage
  • If Projecting Sign, a statement that the sign will be designed and constructed in accordance with the requirements set forth by the U.B.C., Vol.V - Signs, Chapter 14

Please note: The application will not be processed if checklist is not complete